Martes, Pebrero 12, 2013

Can the human mind truly travel space? Heal illness? Foretell the future?

by : Laile B. Bartlett

A MOTHER dreamed that in two hours a violent storm would loosen a heavy chandelier on her baby’s crib. She awoke her husband. ” A silly dream,” he said. ” THe weather is fine. Go to sleep!” But she brought the baby to her bed. In two hours a storm came up, and the light fixture fell on the crib.

    This is the world of Psi ( Psychic Phenomena ) – or ESP ( Extrasensory Perception ), as it is often popularly known. It has been blocked off from us by our conditioning. For decades we’ve been taught that what is “real” is only what our 5 senses perceive. Because the whole field is on trials, serious Psi researchers are super strict in their reports.  Nonetheless, from their experiments here’s what we do know :

 People can do communicate by means other than the 5 senses : Telepathy

  Telepathy comes through in everyday incidents and serious warnings. According to studies made by Louisa Rhine of the Institute of Parapsychology in Durham, N.C., a waitress ” gets the message” and hands a man his order before he gives it.

 People can and do pick up info on remote or hidden objects, persons or events : clairvoyance

  Under laboratory controls at Stanford Research Institute, scientist Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ studied the clairvoyant abilities of controversial Israeli Uri Geller.  7 times in a row Geller accurately draw a picture hidden in two sealed opaque envelopes. 10 times without error, which of the 10 identical sealed cans contained an object. The odds: 1 in a billion!

 People can and do sense what is going to happen before it takes place : Precognition

   In one of 15,000 validated cases compiled by Louisa Rhine, a 19 years old California girl canceled plans to go to her mother. When she got home, her parents were calmly sitting in the living room. She “had” to get them out of their chairs. She claimed to be hungry and talked them into a snack in the kitchen. No sooner had they left the living room then a car crashed into the house, destroying the chairs in which the parents had been sitting.

 People can and do move or affect objects, even distance ones, without touching them : psychokinesis

    After watching a film of a great Russian sensitive Nina Kulagina  moving object by gestures only or with her eyes.


   With  so much evidence now established concerning the 4 Psi or ESP phenomena, what about the scientific search for conditions under which they operate? Some discoveries so far:

   1. Distance doesn't seem to matter. ESP has been recorded in the same room, and from outer space.
   2. People who believe in ESP, or want it to work, usually do better at it.
   3. People who feel close to each other appear to communicate better. 
   4. Shock events, such as accidents and disasters, come through - or at least are reported - much more often than neutral or happy ones.
   5. ESP is more effective in altered states of consciousness such as deep relaxation, hypnosis and sleep. Most of the reported cases of precognition occur in dreams.


copy by : Choco Nips